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Big Vocabulary Nouns Photo Cards

Big Vocabulary Nouns Photo Cards

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Build a bigger vocabulary with Webber BIG Vocabulary Nouns Photo Cards! This enormous set includes 600, full-color, 5" x 7" photo cards covering 14 different categories:

Alphabet (26 cards)
Animals (68 cards)
Around the Home (80 cards)
Clothing and Accessories (55 cards)
Colors (12 cards)
Food (83 cards)
Numbers (11 cards)
Occupations (46 cards)
Places (70 cards)
Plants (20 cards)
School (38 cards)
Shapes (7 cards)
Toys (36 cards)
Transportation (34 cards)
These durable, laminated cards are excellent for naming, describing, identifying attributes, comparing and contrasting, formulating sentences, and practicing conversation skills. The card front features an easy-to-identify photo with a white background. The back of the card presents the definition of the word, three Fun Facts, and three Questions. For Alphabet, Numbers, and Shapes there are photos that illustrate these concepts. We’ve even written 26 A–Z Vocabulary Ideas, so you’ll never run out of ways to teach new words!
Webber BIG Vocabulary Nouns Photo Cards
Full-color photos on white backgrounds (except ones requiring contexts)
Short, child-friendly definitions
Three Fun Facts
Three Questions
Instruction Booklet with vocabulary ideas, card thumbnails, and index

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