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Say & Glue for Language & Listening Fun Sheets

Say & Glue for Language & Listening Fun Sheets

By Alyson D. Price, M.S.P., CCC-SLP

Grades Pre-K & Up

Ages 4 & Up

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Your early learners have a chance to be in cut-and-paste heaven while they listen and learn six important language skills: categorizing, telling what items are used for (functions), following complex directions, following conditional directions (if…then), retelling stories (semantic recall), and understanding basic concepts (25 basic concepts in all!).
Language & Listening has 94 two-part activities, each one with:
A full-page picture scene with terrific artwork;
An instruction page with:
4-12 directions to follow. ("Find the ladybug. Glue it on the ground.")
3-5 language expansion activities. ("Name something a bird does.")
Drawings of items to cut and paste on the picture scene page (e.g, bee, butterfly, duck, turtle, ladybug, and bird).
Language & Listening also has easy-to-follow instructions, a parent/helper letter, extension activities for each skill, and two motivating awards.
So, get out your scissors and glue! 198 pages.

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