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Synonyms Galore! Book

Synonyms Galore! Book

Activities for Learning Similar Meanings of Adjectives, Nouns, and Ver

By Helen Zeitzoff

Grades 3 & Up

Ages 8 & Up

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Energize vocabulary instruction in your Language Arts curriculum with Synonyms Galore! This book is an excellent resource for enriching and developing students' oral/written language expression by teaching the synonyms of numerous adjectives, verbs, and nouns.
Synonyms Galore! presents 28 lessons for teaching synonyms in context and reinforces their usage with tons of practice exercises. Each lesson begins with a focus vocabulary list of words with their synonyms, example sentences, and illustrations. Increase oral/written language as the lessons continue with four activities using the synonyms to complete fill-in-the-blank words and sentences, multiple choice exercises, true/false statements, and answering questions in complete sentences. The final activity in each lesson provides an extension for capable students ready to use more complex synonyms. Students using these activities gain a wealth of synonyms to replace commonly overused words like big, little, happy, etc.
Synonyms Galore! works well with small group, whole class, or one-on-one instruction. Note that teacher modeling and discussion of synonyms and the varying degrees of their usage is important to the lesson instruction. This book is 158 pages, Softcover.
Synonyms Galore! gives you:
28 lessons of adjectives, verbs, and nouns and their synonyms.
Illustrations to introduce vocabulary words and their synonyms.
Practice exercises galore and awards!
Questions in each lesson to use as writing responses and/or to promote discussion.

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