Earobics 1 Adolescent and Adult

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Appropriate for older students struggling with reading, spelling, and comprehension. Includes six interactive programs with over 300 levels of multimedia instruction. Beginning level for ages 10 and older.

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Earobics® 1 A&A is the award-winning program for adolescents and adults struggling to improve their reading and spelling skills. 309 levels of individualized instructions automatically adjust to the students’ skill level to ensure they are appropriately challenged. The new Specialist/Clinician version allows for extensive data tracking and reporting features. Professionals can customize the learning process on an individual basis. Following each game, objectives are recommended in IEP format on the Data Records information to assist professionals with goal writing. A task level counter displays students’ progress throughout each game. Instructions are available in eight languages. Earobics® 1 A&A has the capability to benefit a variety of settings from schools through community colleges, adult education, and correctional programs.

Your students will become stronger readers and spellers as they master phonological awareness skills in each of the six games:

  • Memory Matrix attention, short-term memory, and following oral directions.
  • Sound Check sequencing, phoneme discrimination & identification.
  • Get Rhythm phoneme segmentation.
  • Connectivity blending, auditory attention, auditory and phoneme discrimination.
  • Rhyme Time rhyming, short-term memory.
  • Same/Different attention & short-term memory, pattern recognition.
All 12 players can be exchanged for new ones!
System Requirements


Microsoft Windows


System (OS) 7.6.1 through Mac OSX


Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0, 2000, or XP


604 Power Mac – Power PC (see note above)


133Mhz Pentium Processor or above






Thousands of colors


16 bit color






10MB available hard disk space


10MB available hard disk space


Sound card and
Quality headphones (optional)


Soundblaster – compatible 16-bit sound card and speakers