This most critically-acclaimed game has earned approval from families because it comes complete with a junior version for ages 7-9. It’s a great vocabulary-building game for kids and a great party game for everybody!

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Board Game for words

Grade 5 and up

This popular vocabulary building
game has 1200 word definitions. Players attempt to be the first to move their
pawn all the way around the board. Each turn a reader will read the actual
definition to a word as found in a children’s dictionary (so they’re simple).
The first player/team to correctly blurt out the word that fits the definition
gets to move their pawn forward the number of spaces rolled on the die. There
is no penalty for guessing incorrectly! The player to the reader’s left becomes
the new reader and a new round begins.

Blurt also includes a Junior
version for grades 2-4. You receive: 1,200 Blurt definitions on 300  cards, six game pieces, a die, 20"x20" game
board, and game rules.  For 3 or more players