Social City™ The Board Game


Collect Resources and Resolve Scenarios on Your Journey to Manage Problems of All Sizes!

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Navigate your way along the board, collect resources, and resolve scenarios on your way to managing problems of all sizes!

Social City is a fun interactive board game that allows players to explore and discuss the social-emotional concepts covered in the books, Bumps, Hills and MountainsA Book About Identifying the Size of a Problem, and The Problem-Reaction Meter: Choosing the Size of Your Reactions. Students will practice social problem-solving, rational problem-solving, critical thinking, and flexibility as they learn to identify the size of a problem and how to match their reaction to a problem to the size of the problem (emotional regulation). 2-5 Players.

Social City
  • 18 problem cards
  • 200 scenario cards
  • 10 player strips
  • 45 resource tokens
  • 5 car pieces
  • 12 board tiles
  • 1 die
  • Instruction book
  • Problem meter
  • Reaction meter

Based on the Social City Book Series!
– Bumps, Hills and Mountains: A Book About Identifying the Size of a Problem book
– The Problem-Reaction Meter: Choosing the Size of Your Reactions book