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Teach students the concept vocabulary they need to succeed in the classroom. This big collection of activities gives students lots of practice opportunities.

The 100% Series boost academic performance with:

a broad scope of skills
ready-to-use lessons
hierarchy of activities
lots of practice opportunities
Use 100% Concepts: Primary to reinforce more than 90 basic concepts. All of the lessons apply conceptual knowledge to the curriculum. The lessons are divided into these topic areas:

Following Directions - top/bottom, over/under/beside/around, big/bigger/biggest, inside/outside, connect, cross out, skip, and much more
Grouping/Association - goes together, belongs to, both, each, pair, with/without, and more
Math - all/some/none, whole/half, few/many, every, dozen, add/subtract, total, and more
Time - before/after, early/late, first/next/last, month/year, during, and more
Each topic area has these extra helps:

teaching suggestions
family letters
progress charts
The worksheets are designed for individual and group use. Minimal reading and writing is required. The formats of the worksheets are varied to keep students motivated. Worksheet formats include picture activities, cut-and-paste activities, simple cloze stories, word puzzles, hands-on activities, riddles, and barrier games.

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