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Spanish Articulation Picture Word Book

Spanish Articulation Picture Word Book

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With the 260-page Webber Spanish Articulation Picture Word Book, you can teach your students how to articulate 18 different sounds (B, D, CH, F, G, K, M, N, ñ, P, S, T, Y, rr, R, R Blends, L, and L Blends).

These sounds are in monosyllabic and multisyllabic words, divided into Prevocalic at the beginning of words (Initial), Prevocalic/Postvocalic within words (Medial), and Postvocalic at the end of words (Final) contexts.

There are three levels of difficulty: one/two syllable words, three syllable words, and four or more syllable words (1,728 picture words in all!). Cut and paste activities follow each chapter.

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