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Apraxia Battery for Adults, Second Edition (ABA-2)

Apraxia Battery for Adults, Second Edition (ABA-2)

Second Edition

By Barbara L. Dabul

Grades 7 - Adult

Ages 13 & Up

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Use the ABA-2 to effectively measure the presence and severity of apraxia in order to develop a personalized recovery plan.

Administration: Individual
Ages: 13 & Up
Testing Time: 20 minutes
Test Level: A

The Apraxia Battery for Adults (ABA-2), Second Edition picture book is an assessment tool that is used to measure the presence and severity of apraxia in adolescents and adults. Its objective scoring system provides speech-language professionals with an initial step toward assessing and developing a recovery plan in relation to the severity of apraxia.

ABA-2 Subtests

This second-edition apraxia battery empowers speech-language professionals with a range of targeted tests that delve into various aspects of apraxia. From evaluating articulatory agility to measuring response accuracy, the ABA-2 provides valuable insights for crafting personalized therapy plans. The ABA-2 complete kit contains six subtests that can be individually administered in about 20 minutes. The subtests include:

  1. Diadochokinetic Rate
  2. Increasing Word Length
  3. Limb Apraxia and Oral Apraxia
  4. Latency Time and Utterance Time for Polysyllabic Words
  5. Repeated Trials Test
  6. Inventory of Articulation Characteristics of Apraxia

    New Features of ABA-2

    The ABA-2 has been updated and redesigned to include features that make the test even more effective at detecting the severity of apraxia. The features that speech-language professionals and clinicians found useful in the first edition have been preserved. New features include:

    • The addition of more difficult items to two subtests raises the ceiling so clinicians can identify patients with mild apraxia
    • Pictures and items have been updated
    • New normative data were collected in the Fall and Spring of 1998 and 1999
    • The new Level of Impairment Profile yields a pattern of scores that describes one of several different types of apraxic speakers

    Reliability and Validity

    Test reliability, investigated by the coefficient alpha, is high (reliability coefficients of .83 to .99 were obtained for all subtests). Content, criterion-related validity, and construct validity were studied through a review of the literature, item analysis, comparing the results of the ABA-2 to the Porch Index of Communicative Ability, comparing differences in scores on the ABA-2 of various subpopulations, and examining the correlations of the subtests.

    Results indicate that examiners can use the ABA-2 with confidence.

    The complete ABA-2 Kit includes:

    • Examiner’s Manual
    • Picture Book
    • 25 Profile/Examiner Record Forms
    • Sturdy storage box


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