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Artic Photos Fun Decks: Set 1 Combo

Artic Photos Fun Decks: Set 1 Combo

For Articulation & Language

Grades Pre-K & Up

Ages 3 & Up

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Add real-life photo excitement to your class with this popular articulation and language tool!

Artic Photos Fun Decks: Set 1 Combo is an engaging and effective tool designed to help children improve their speech and language skills. A best-seller and popular Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) resource, this card deck contains 560 fun, photo match-up articulation playing cards in all positions for S, R, L, S Blends, R Blends, L Blends, Z, SH, CH, and TH.

The cards feature colourful photographs that represent different words, sounds, and syllables, making them an entertaining way to develop and improve speech and language skills for children. The card decks are divided into various categories, such as early-developing sounds, later-developing sounds, blends, and more.

The Artic Photos Fun Decks: Set 1 Combo also includes a comprehensive guide that provides parents, teachers, and SLPs with tips and strategies for using the flashcards effectively. This guide includes ideas for games and activities that make learning fun and engaging for children, as well as ways to track learning progress and measure success.

Who is this articulation and language tool helpful for?

The Artic Fun Deck is designed to help children of different ages and abilities, specifically children in grades PreK & up, or ages 3 & up.

The card decks are an ideal articulation learning resource for parents, educators, and speech therapists working with children who have speech and language difficulties. They are also helpful for children with hearing impairments or other communication disorders.

Each Artic Photos Fun Deck includes:

  • 10 decks of 56 cards (28 pairs)
  • Pairs make it easy to play Go Fish, Memory, etc.
  • 2 bonus wild cards
  • 10 initial, 9 medial, and 9 final position photo-word cards
    • (S, R & L Blends in initial position only)
  • Easy-to-hold card size (2½" x 3½")
  • Sturdy tins for each deck
  • Metal travel case with handle
  • Master-word list and game ideas

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