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Auditory Processing Chipper Chat®

Auditory Processing Chipper Chat®

Discrimination! Memory! Integration!

By Nancy Crist, Rose Sheedy, and Sharon G. Webber

Grades K & Up

Ages 5 & Up

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Auditory processing is a critical skill for effective language development, and Chipper Chat® makes it enjoyable, effective, and magical!

Improve students’ abilities to comprehend and process speech and language with a game they’ll love! Perfect for group or individual instruction, Auditory Processing Chipper Chat® is thoughtfully crafted to provide children with the tools they need to strengthen their auditory processing abilities. Through a series of captivating activities and challenges, young learners practice listening, discriminating sounds, following directions, and more, all while having a blast.

Auditory Processing Chipper Chat® includes 12 colourful, laminated game board scenes (60 total boards). The 97-page activity book provides flexibility to engage students at various stages of auditory processing and includes reproducible game cards to use for an alternative teaching approach. Chipper Chat's vibrant components, including colourful chips and engaging game boards, encourage active participation and make learning an adventure. Use the individual game boards, magnetic wand and chips, die, and activity book for each game.

What makes this auditory processing game so effective?

12 Auditory Processing Skill Areas

Target 12 skills within the areas of auditory discrimination, auditory memory, and auditory integration including:

  1. Discriminating Word Parts
  2. Segmenting Syllables and Phonemes
  3. Blending Syllables and Phonemes
  4. Recognizing Words in Sentences
  5. Sequencing Lists of Numbers (Forward and Reverse)
  6. Sequencing Lists of Words
  7. Reciting Sentences
  8. Retelling Stories
  9. Locating Key Words in Sentences
  10. Following Multi-Step Directions
  11. Giving Multi-Step Commands
  12. Comprehending Story Elements

Quick Assessments

The activity book also provides quick assessments for each skill—making it easy to identify emerging auditory processing skills. The "Quick Assessments" provide the teachers and SLPs with an easy method to determine:

  • A starting point in the program
  • Emerging skills of the student
  • Mastery of skills after remediation

"Magic" Magnetic Wand

Students add chips to their game boards as they perform auditory tasks, and once they fill their game boards, they love to watch the chips “fly” to the magnetic wand. A simple bit of "magic" that motivates and excites children to meet their auditory goals. 

Reproducible Game Boards

Use the duplicate black and white versions of all 12 game board designs at the back of the book for additional players or home practice.

Who is this auditory processing game helpful for?

The Auditory Processing Chipper Chat® is designed to improve speech and language comprehension in students in grades kindergarten and up and children ages 5 and up. Parents and educators love how Auditory Processing Chipper Chat® helps children build essential language skills while honing their auditory processing capabilities. This game not only nurtures linguistic development but also enhances a child's overall cognitive abilities.

Why Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs), special educators, teachers, and parents love this educational game:

  • It is a great asset for many ages and developmental levels
  • It targets a lot of goals and is particularly helpful for students who have difficulty sustaining attention to auditory information
  • The generic boards can be used in multiple contexts
  • Activities include many great levels and targets, there is something for every student
  • The activity book contains assessments and reproducible game boards with question cards that can be sent home with student
  • Students love the "magic" wand!

Auditory Processing Chipper Chat® includes:

  • One 97-page Activity Book
  • 60 game boards (5 of each of the 12 scenes, 8 ½" x 11")
  • Magic wand
  • 100 magnetic chips
  • Large die
  • Sturdy storage box
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