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Chipper Chat® (The Original)

Chipper Chat® (The Original)

Magnetic Games for Chipper Fun!

By Nancy Crist and Rose Sheedy

Grades Pre-K & Up

Ages 3 & Up

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Bring the magic of Chipper Chat® to the classroom to teach language, articulation, fluency, and more!

The original Chipper Chat® that transformed the world of educational games! Once kids see, feel, and hear their magnetic game chips fly up to the magic wand, they will ask to play Chipper Chat every day.

What makes this educational game so effective?

Endless Flexibility

Chipper Chat® presents endless flexibility for learning! Use it to teach language, articulation, fluency, voice games or just about any other topic that needs reinforcing. The games included are intentionally open-ended to allow Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) and other speech professionals (and parents) to use this game in the way that benefits their students and children the most. 

10 Game Boards

Chipper Chat® includes a total of 10 different games, with 4 game boards for each game. The games include: 

  1. Ants In Your Pants! 
  2. Top It Off! 
  3. Let's Go Fishing!
  4. Gum Balls For All! 
  5. Dino-mite Speech! 
  6. Sneaky Snakes! 
  7. Balloons Galore! 
  8. Let's Talk Turkey!
  9. Don't Bug Me! 
  10. Happy Birthday!

"Magic" Magnetic Wand

Students earn chips by rolling the die and making correct responses. Correct responses earn the number of chips Indicated on the die. After filling a game board up with chips, the fun continues when the chips "fly up to the magic wand" at the end of the game!

Who is this Chipper Chat® helpful for?

Chipper Chat® is designed to be a flexible, adaptable educational game for students in grades pre-kindergarten and up and children ages 3 and up. Students of all kinds love the colourful illustrations and earning their chips.  Play this game in small or large groups in the classroom, in one-on-one speech-language therapy sessions, or at home with the family! A core product for any speech-language learning environment, the original version of Chipper Chat® can be easily modified to work on a wide variety of learning goals.

Why Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs), special educators, teachers, and parents love this educational game:

  • It is extremely versatile: works well with groups and any stimulus items 
  • It is simple and easy to follow with few rules so students don't have many opportunities to cheat 
  • Students love the high level of interaction and find this game motivating
  • They can use their Fun Decks with the Chipper Chat games
  • The bright, colourful cards capture students' attention

Chipper Chat® includes: 

  • 40 game boards, full-colour, double-sided and laminated (6" x 9")
  • 10 themes, 4 game boards per theme
  • 2 dice
  • 1 magnetic wand (7⅝" x 1")
  • 100 magnetic chips
  • Introduction booklet with suggestions for all therapy needs
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