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Webber® Core Curriculum Vocabulary Cards and Fun Sheets (Level Pre-K)

Webber® Core Curriculum Vocabulary Cards and Fun Sheets (Level Pre-K)

Research-Based Vocabulary for Collaboration in the Classroom

By the Super Duper Staff

Grades Pre-K - 2

Ages 3 - 8

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Great ready for pre-kindergarten! Foster vocabulary enrichment and language development through engaging worksheets and captivating photo cards.

Developed by experts in education, The Webber® Core Curriculum Vocabulary Cards and Fun Sheets (Pre-K) introduces and teaches 100 curriculum-based vocabulary words. Help students learn high-frequency, research-based curriculum vocabulary words by matching words and their definitions with colour-coded cards and illustrations. Then have students complete the workbook activities to help them understand and use these critical vocabulary terms. The same illustration appears on the Vocabulary Word and Definition cards.

4 Focus Areas

With the photo cards, students will learn core vocabulary words in four different focus areas that are necessary for students' success in first-grade classrooms and beyond. These focus areas include:

  1. Language Arts (25)
  2. Math (25)
  3. Science (25)
  4. Social Studies (25)

The photo cards bring words to life, sparking curiosity and enhancing retention. These vivid visuals encourage students to connect words with real-world scenarios, making vocabulary acquisition an interactive and memorable experience.

Corresponding Activities

The Fun Sheets present the same core vocabulary words as the photo cards in activities that include:

  • Definition Match-Up
  • Comprehension
  • WH Questions
  • Vocabulary in Context
  • Categories
  • Phonological Awareness
  • Syllables
  • Spelling
  • Writing Definitions

The worksheets, thoughtfully structured and brimming with diverse exercises, provide a dynamic platform for vocabulary acquisition.

Who are these core curriculum vocabulary materials helpful for?

The Webber® Core Curriculum Vocabulary Cards and Fun Sheets are designed to build vocabulary skills in students in grades pre-kindergarten and up and children ages 3 and up. The Pre-K program is ideal for learners building foundational language skills in preparation for both pre-kindergarten and kindergarten.

The Core Curriculum photo cards are ideal for the Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP), special educator, classroom teacher, or reading specialist. The workbook activities can be used independently or as a companion to the photo cards with a whole or small group, one-on-one during therapy sessions, for homework assignments, or as a simple assessment.

The Webber® Core Curriculum Vocabulary Cards include: 

  • 100 pairs of colour-coded, match-up vocabulary cards (200 cards total, 2½" x 3½")
  • 25 vocabulary words each for Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Math
  • Instruction booklet
  • Storage tin

The Webber® Core Curriculum Fun Sheets include:

  • 104-page Fun Sheets activity workbook
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