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Grades Pre-K - 1

Ages 3 - 7

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Amplify sound to help students improve phenomic awareness, listening comprehension, auditory processing, and reading skills.

Elephone is great big fun!
It will teach you to listen and say words like run.
Use it for speaking, listening, and reading too.
Bet you won’t find this Elephone in a zoo!

The Elephone® is an auditory feedback device that directs sounds into a child's ear with implication. When a child speaks, the "trunk" amplifies sound into the ear by 10-12 dB.

Auditory feedback devices can help children with speech and language disorders by assisting them to hear themselves better and subsequently giving them real-time feedback on their speech production. This feedback assists them in improving their pronunciation, articulation, language comprehension, communication skills and more! 

Who is this auditory feedback device helpful for?

The Elephone® is designed to improve auditory processing in students in grades pre-kindergarten and up and children ages 3 and up. This kid-friendly device has an adjustable headband for a comfortable fit, no matter who is listening with it. The trunk is latex-free and dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning! The Elephone® is an effective auditory feedback tool for Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs), special educators and parents to use with young children struggling with auditory processing.

Why Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) and special educators love the Elephone®:

  • It is fabulous for kiddos with APD/CAPD and phonological disorders, they don't usually want the amplified devices but they love this one and it works great!
  • Not only does it amplify children's voices, but it also improves auditory discrimination and auditory feedback.
  • It is a lot more kid-friendly than some other devices which can feel threatening to young children

Why parents love the Elephone® auditory device:

"I purchased this for my son a while back to help him talk more. I thought if he could hear himself it would help him and it actually did. We use it when he is just reading out words or when reading books. Would recommend."

"I am a mother with two young children that stutter. We have another product that accomplishes the same task but requires hands and is therefore misplaced or set down. Both of my kids love to wear this. They are speaking more slowly and clearly already and it's only been a week."

The Elephone® includes:

  • The removable trunk (6 3/8") (latex-free and dishwasher-safe)
  • Adjustable headband
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