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Flamingo Bingo® and Lotto!

Flamingo Bingo® and Lotto!

The Fun Game of 16 Position Words!

By Sharon G Webber, M.S. and Ashley Drennan

Grades Pre-K & Up

Ages 3 & Up

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Get ready to have a blast while boosting speech therapy progress with Flamingo Bingo and Lotto!

Introducing Flamingo Bingo and Lotto, a delightful game that combines learning and fun for children's speech therapy! Created with parents and speech-language pathologists (SLPs) in mind, this engaging and educational game is designed to improve language and communication skills in a playful and interactive way.

Flamingo Bingo and Lotto is a whimsical educational game that features charming flamingo-themed cards and vibrant illustrations. It captivates children's attention while targeting important language goals. Whether playing at home or in therapy sessions, this game provides a fantastic opportunity to enhance vocabulary, speech articulation, and social interaction.

Playing Flamingo Bingo and Lotto is a joy for both children and adults. As the caller reads out the words or questions, players eagerly search for matching pictures on their bingo boards. It's a thrilling race to see who can complete a row or fill their board first. This interactive gameplay not only promotes listening and visual recognition but also strengthens speech production as players verbalize the items they find.

Who are the Flamingo Bingo and Lotto speech therapy game helpful for?

The Flamingo Bingo and Lotto game is ideal for children in grades Pre-K to 2 and ages 4 & up, but with its versatile design, Flamingo Bingo and Lotto can be adapted to suit different skill levels and therapy goals. SLPs can use the game to target specific speech sounds, encourage expressive language, or facilitate social interaction. Parents can join in the fun and provide additional support, creating a collaborative and engaging learning experience.

With each round of play, children will gain confidence, expand their vocabulary, and develop essential communication abilities. Let the flamingos guide you on an exciting journey toward improved speech and language proficiency.

This two-in-one game teaches 16 position words in concept pairs for children at all skill levels. The concepts include:

  • In/Out
  • Around/Through
  • Over/Under
  • Above/Below
  • On/Off
  • Up/Down
  • In Front/Behind
  • Beside/Between

Flamingo Bingo and Lotto! includes:

  • 16 playing surfaces, 8 bingo and 8 lottos (8 double-sided boards, 8½" x 11")
  • 80 pink foam Flamingo tokens
  • 32 pairs of cards (64 total, 2⅛" x 3⅝")
  • 9 Flamingo characters
  • Flora Flamingo Plush Stuffed Animal (8" tall)

Tips for parents and SLPs using Flamingo Bingo and Lotto combo:

  1. While playing bingo, children search for and find the Flamingo picture you describe to them, and then they place Flamingo tokens on their bingo boards.
  2. While playing lotto, children locate the pictures on their lotto boards that match their Flamingo cards.
  3. As a bonus, you get lotto cards in pairs to play matching, memory, and more!
  4. For extended practice, have students place one of the nine Flamingo characters in, out, around, and over… nearby objects
  5. Use the festive Flora Flamingo plush stuffed animal with Flamingo Bingo as a motivator for your students! Place Flora around the classroom to expand learning and have even more fun! Students will love searching for Flora and describing where she is and positioning Flora for their classmates to find! Flora is 8" tall and made with soft, cuddly, quality fabric.
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