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Webber® Grammar Sentence Level CD-ROM

Webber® Grammar Sentence Level CD-ROM

6 Interactive Fun Decks

By Mark Strait and Christopher Jones

Grades K - 6

Ages 3 - 12

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Engage young learners with this interactive sentence-level grammar and language development software!

With six popular Fun Decks on just one CD-ROM, the Webber® Grammar Sentence Level CD-ROM interactive program is the perfect way to engage students struggling with grammar at the sentence level. They'll be constructing stronger sentences in no time and asking to play again!

Track progress while students practice identifying adjectives, adverbs, comparatives, (and more!) and generate parent reports in record time.

6 Fun Decks

  1. Changing Nouns to Adjectives
  2. Changing Verbs to Nouns
  3. Understanding Double Negative
  4. Subjects and Predicates
  5. Sentences and Fragments
  6. Changing Statements to Questions

Who is Sentence Level Grammar educational software helpful for?

The Grammar Sentence Level CD-ROM software is designed to target sentence-level grammar skills in students in grades kindergarten to grade 6. Children love computer time games that provide motivating real-time feedback. Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs), teachers, and parents can introduce this interactive and easy-to-use program into therapy sessions or at home to help children improve their language learning.

Why Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs), therapists, and teachers love the Webber® Grammar Sentence Level CD-ROM:

  • The software makes hard-to-learn concepts very easy for kids to play and learn
  • The tracking data is useful for explaining children's progress to their parents and teachers
  • Students love computer time and are completely engaged and motivated by this grammar program
  • The program gives real-time positive reinforcement after each correct response as well as letting students know when they haven't answered correctly, keeping their therapist or teacher from having to say "wrong answer"

The Webber® Grammar Word Level Interactive CD-ROM:

  • Provides three different play options allowing the students to play with ten cards from one deck, an entire deck (in order or randomly), or two or more decks at a time.
  • Tracks data for an unlimited number of students
  • Gives automatic feedback for correct/incorrect responses
  • Is compatible with SMART Board
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