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Granny's Candies® Board Game

Granny's Candies® Board Game

The Delicious Game of Word Meanings

By Sarah Michaels and Amy Parks

Grades K & Up

Ages 5 & Up

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Granny makes learning vocabulary skills just a little bit sweeter!

Granny's Candies® Board Game treats students to some old-fashioned fun! It provides a hands-on, engaging approach to facilitate language development in children. Combine the excitement of picking colourful "candy" tokens from Granny's candy jars with hundreds of opportunities to improve articulation, phonological awareness, and expressive language skills.

What makes Granny's Candies® such an effective way for children to learn language skills?

This board game disguises learning with play in the most delicious way. First, students fill up the "candy jars" with "candy" (soft, foamy, and colourful tokens). Then, players choose question cards from one of eight semantic areas (or mix-and-match cards). Students answer the questions, roll the die, and pick "candy" from the jars. The player with the most "candy" at the end of the game wins. Sounds yummy!

8 Semantic Skill Areas

Granny's Candies® Board Game includes 672 word-meaning cards that target 8 different semantic skill areas (84 cards for each area below):

  1. What belongs in this group?
  2. Which one doesn't belong?
  3. Give a describing word.
  4. How are they alike?
  5. What do these have in common?
  6. What is this used for?
  7. How are they different?
  8. Give an action word.

Who is this educational board game helpful for?

The Granny's Candies® Board Game is designed by speech-language experts to expand vocabulary skills in students in grades kindergarten and up and children ages 5 and up. It provides a hands-on, engaging approach to facilitate language development in children. Granny's Candies® offers endless opportunities for creative play and learning, making it an invaluable addition to any speech therapy toolkit for Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs), special education, teachers, and parents in any learning environment.

Why Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs), special educators, teachers, and parents love this board game:

  • It is a great learning tool to target multiple goals with students at different functioning levels.
  • Students love the friendly competition and don't realize they are learning concepts while playing.
  • The vocabulary and concepts are reasonably high-level, making them great to use with special education and English Language Learner students/children.
  • It is easy to set up, learn, and play.
  • The expansion packs keep learning possibilities fresh and exciting.

Granny's Candies® Board Game includes:

  • Colourful game board (18" x 18")
  • 672 word-meaning cards (3"x1")
  • 144 "candy" tokens
  • 58-page lesson/activity book
  • Dard holder
  • Die
  • Sturdy storage box

Let's cook up some fun!

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