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Phonological Awareness Skill Strips™

Phonological Awareness Skill Strips™

195 Double-Sided Photo Cards

By Sharon G Webber, Staci Jackson, and Lindsey Wegner

Grades Pre-K & Up

Ages 3 & Up

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Nurture children's phonology and language development with these colourful, recognizable, and motivating photo cards!

Phonological awareness is the ability to think about oral language in terms of its structure (i.e., sentences, words, syllables, and sounds). These skills are important for reading and spelling success. The Phonological Awareness Skill Strips™ is a set of curriculum-based photo cards designed by speech experts to improve phonology skills in young learners.

What makes this language development game so effective?

4 Skill Areas, 3 Levels of Difficulty

Phonological Awareness Skill Strips™ contains 195 double-sided cards (660 prompts total) that address four skill areas across three levels of difficulty.

  1. Rhyming Discrimination and Production. Identify and categorize Rhyming Words.
  2. Sentence Segmenting. Understand words as separate units.
  3. Syllable Blending, Segmenting, and Deletion.
  4. Phoneme Identification, Blending, Segmenting, Deletion, Addition, Manipulation.

The descriptions of each level and how-to instructions are outlined on each section tab. If applicable, answers appear in red on the back of the card. 

Versatile Extension Activities 

These skill strips are highly adaptable for various age groups and therapy settings, from one-on-one sessions to classroom use. They also include instructions for several extension activities including:

  • More Words. Use the Rhyming Production cards. The student produces as many words as he/she can think of for each targeted word. See how many words they can think of for each one.
  • Clap it Out. Use the Sentence Segmenting cards. Have the student produce his/her own sentences for the pictures and clap for each word he/she hears.
  • Mix It Up. Use the Phoneme Identification cards. Instruct the student to say all the sounds they hear in the targeted words instead of just the beginning, middle, or ending sounds.
  • Manipulate It. Use the Phoneme Manipulation cards. Read the prompt and have the student manipulate the first or last sound to make new and different words.


Phonological Awareness Skill Strips™ are based on the latest research in speech therapy and language development, ensuring that they are aligned with best practices in the field. 

Multisensory Learning

With colourful and visually stimulating images, these skill strips captivate young minds and stimulate their auditory and visual senses, making phonological awareness training a multisensory experience.

Who is this phonological awareness game helpful for?

Phonological Awareness Skill Strips™ is designed to target phonological development in students in grades pre-kindergarten and up and children ages 4 and up. These educational photo cards help Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) pinpoint areas of improvement in students' language structure while engaging them with interactive playtime. 

    Phonological Awareness Skill Strips™ include:

    • 195 double-sided photo cards (8½"x 3¾")
    • 660 prompts
    • Four skill areas: sentences, words, syllables, and sounds
    • Three levels of difficulty in each skill area
    • Extension activities
    • Answer keys
    • Sturdy storage box

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