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Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

Laminated Phonological Awareness Games with Magnetic Chips

By Nancy Crist and Rose Sheedy

Grades Pre-K & Up

Ages 4 & Up

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Say "at." Now, put "ch" at the beginning. What do you get? "Chat," as in "Chipper Chat!" – the coolest magnetic way to improve your students' pre-reading skills! Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat is so comprehensive that it targets twelve different areas of phonological awareness skills. It is the ultimate resource for students who are pre-readers and students who have acquired some reading skills, but they need additional assistance in the area of phonological awareness.
Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat skills include:
Discrimination of rhyming words
Production of rhyming words
Segmentation of words in a sentence
Blending of syllables
Segmentation of syllables
Deletion of syllables
Identification of phonemes
Blending of phonemes
Segmentation of phonemes
Deletion of phonemes
Addition of phonemes
Manipulation of phonemes
With 450 items in each phonological area, students will have a phenomenal amount of phonological fun! That's a grand total of 5,400 opportunities to improve pre-reading skills! Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat also includes a "Quick Assessment" for each of the twelve areas. The "Quick Assessments" provide the teacher/therapist with an easy method to determine a starting point in the program, emerging skills of the student, and mastery of skills after remediation.
During the game, the students listen and respond to the phonological tasks. They earn chips as the game progresses. Then, the fun continues when the chips "fly up to the magic wand" at the end of the game!
Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat

A total of 60 individual game boards (5 boards for each of the 12 phonological skills, 11" x 10")
112-page lesson book with target items and reproducible masters for each game
"Quick Assessments" for each phonological skill area
Magnetic wand
100 magnetic chips
Record sheet to track student progress
Large die
Sturdy box

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