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Plurals & Irregular Plurals Fun Decks®

Plurals & Irregular Plurals Fun Decks®

By Sharon G. Webber, M.S.

Grades Pre-K - 3

Ages 3 - 9

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Make learning about regular and irregular plurals an exciting adventure!

Through interactive learning, children will grasp the rules of regular plurals, such as adding '-s' or '-es,' while also exploring the fascinating world of irregular plurals, where words transform in unique ways. This hands-on approach ensures that children truly comprehend the patterns behind pluralization. 

Plurals Fun Deck®

The Plurals Fun Deck is a colorful, fun-filled way to teach singular-plural relationships. It contains 56 whimsical cards students will love.

Irregular Plurals Fun Deck®

You can make a "regular" noun plural by adding "s" to the end of it (dog/dogs, cat/cats, etc.). Many nouns, however, are "irregular" in their plural form: words like "tooth/teeth," "calf/calves," "man/men," "mouse/mice", "moose/moose" etc. Irregular Plurals Fun Deck offers a great way for children to learn these more difficult plurals. It has 26 illustrated singular and irregular plural word pairs, plus bonus cards and game ideas. Cards measure 2½" x 3½" and are stored in a sturdy storage tin.

Who are these plurals fun decks helpful for?

The Plurals & Irregular Plurals Fun Decks® are designed by speech-language experts to target grammar and language development skills in students in grades kindergarten to grade 3. These educational photo cards liven up grammar learning and give children a colourful and engaging way to learn. These fun decks are simple to use and perfect for a variety of learning environments including the classroom, in one-on-one speech therapy sessions, or at home.

Why Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs), therapists, teachers, and parents love these grammar card decks: 

  • They make learning "boring" grammar skills more exciting! 
  • The illustrations are simple and easy to understand, making them easy to use in other games like Go Fish and Matching 
  • These fun decks include a great mix of different kinds of plurals 
  • They are easy to travel with and use for on-the-go SLPs

Plurals Fun Deck® includes:

  • 56 colorful, illustrated  cards (2½" x 3½")
  • 28 pairs of plural picture cards (21 regular and 7 irregular)
  • Content list and instructions for fun activities
  • Sturdy storage tin

Download FREE Datasheet

Irregular Plurals Fun Deck® includes:

  • 56 colorful, illustrated cards (2½" x 3½")
  • Game ideas and bonus cards
  • Sturdy storage tin

Download FREE Datasheet

Fun Deck® Plurals Combo includes:

  • Plurals Fun Deck® (56 cards) 
  • Irregular Plurals Fun Deck® (56 cards)
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