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Say and Do® Action Artic Cards

Say and Do® Action Artic Cards

Initial, Medial, Final Fun Action

By Sharon G. Webber, M.S.

Grades K & Up

Ages 5 & Up

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Add excitement to your articulation and language class with this collection of silly sentence Fun Decks that will leave students giggling as they improve their vocabulary and grammar skills!

Say and Do® Action Artic Cards feature a captivating collection of action-packed images, each targeting specific speech sounds. From initial sounds to more complex blends, this comprehensive deck collection offers a diverse range of articulation targets to suit students' individual needs.

Each fun deck contains colourful cards with sound-loaded, numbered, and illustrated sentences. These sentences are carefully designed to help children and students practice sounds at the phrase, sentence, and carryover levels. (Example: Susie saw a grasshopper in her glass.)

Who are these action articulation cards helpful for?

The Say and Do® Action Artic Cards fun decks target language development in students in grades K-5.The dynamic and versatile card decks are a game-changer for speech-language pathologists, educators, and parents seeking to support children on their journey to clear and confident speech.

Fun decks can be seamlessly integrated into therapy sessions, classrooms, and home practice. Speech-language pathologists (SLPs) can use Say and Do® Action Artic Cards to create tailored activities that cater to each learner's goals. Parents can engage their children in playful articulation exercises that make speech practice enjoyable. As children interact with the cards, they refine their articulation abilities, strengthen their speech muscles, and improve overall language expression.

Say and Do Action Artic Cards Fun Decks include:

  • 56 Illustrated Cards (28 Pairs, 2½" x 3½")
  • Initial, Medial, and Final Positions
  • Content Cards and Game Ideas
  • Two master lists and two instruction/idea cards
  • Sturdy storage tin

The Say and Do® Action Artic Combo includes:

  • 560 fun, illustrated articulation cards in all positions (2½" x 3½")
  • 10 Decks of 56 cards each S, R, L, F, SH, CH, TH, K, G, and P
  • Cards have numbers and letters for convenient sorting
  • Game ideas and 50 plastic smiley face tokens
  • Individual decks come in a sturdy storage tin
  • Large tin with handle

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