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The Question Challenge® Card Game

The Question Challenge® Card Game

Joanne Deninno, Kim Gill, and Clint Johnson, M.A., CCC-SLP

Grades 1 & Up

Ages 6 & Up

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Fuel curiosity and critical thinking as students immerse themselves in activities that encourage thoughtful questioning and lively discussions.

The Question Challenge® Card Game is an expressive and receptive language card game that targets social skills and reasoning. Students practice skills that are necessary for effective communication and problem-solving. This educational card game isn't just about answers, it's about exploring ideas, building connections, and practicing social skills through engaging gameplay.

Who is this language and social skills resource helpful for?

The Question Challenge® Card Game is a versatile tool designed to improve language, reasoning, and social skills in students in grades 1-12 and children ages 6 and up.

While they play, students build expressive and receptive language skills in 10 areas that are necessary for effective communication and critical thinking. These areas include:

  1. Staying Calm through Self-Talk
  2. Inferencing
  3. Determining Perspective
  4. Cognitive Flexibility
  5. Predicting
  6. Intonation and Body Language
  7. Questioning in Conversation
  8. Social Encouragement
  9. Stating Opinions
  10. Understanding Sarcasm

How does The Question Challenge®Card Game work?

To play, the teacher or student reads one or more questions from the question card and answers the item. For example, the card reads "Your mom talks to you like a baby in front of your friends at the bus stop. How do you stay calm in this situation?" The student may say, "Mom, I love you and I’m going to miss you today while I’m at school, but please don’t talk to me like I’m a baby. I’m growing up." If the student answers appropriately, he/she spins the electronic spinner and receives the number of tokens indicated on the spinner.

The Challenge Cards add a "twist" to the game! Students must pay close attention, even if it isn't their turn. When the player in turn flips a Challenge Card, he/she gets the opportunity to select the teacher, another student to his/her left or right, or any student in the game to answer the question! The student with the most tokens at the end of the game is the winner.

Why speech-language professionals and educators love this game:

  • The scenarios are relatable and really make children think about their answers
  • The prompts provide a great jumping-off point for oral language
  • Children are engaged and excited to play
  • It provides flexibility to teach a number of different therapy lessons
  • The variety of scenarios covers teachable areas without running out of material

The Question Challenge® Card Game includes:

  • 300 colour-coded question cards (30 cards per topic) (3⅜" x 2¾")
  • 50 challenge cards (3⅜" x 2¾")
  • Electronic spinner 1-3 (3" diameter)
  • 144 Talk Tokens

The Question Challenge® Card Game Fun Sheets is the companion book for The Question Challenge® Card Game. This 210-page workbook includes reproducible fun sheets that reinforce the same 10 lessons as the card game. Great to use in therapy or send home for homework!

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