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Understanding Inferences and More!

Understanding Inferences and More!

Super Fun Deck | 100 Cards

By Abby Sakovich, M.S., CCC-SLP and Adrienne DeWitt, M.A., CCC-SLP

Grades K & Up

Ages 4 & Up

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Inspire children to tackle tough inferencing skills, develop critical thinking, and build social skills with this dynamic tool for interactive learning and fun!

The Understanding Inferences and More! Super Fun Deck is packed with vibrant photos to engage students and encourage them to dive into the world of understanding inferences. It's not just about right or wrong answers; it's about sparking conversations. The photo cards feature captivating, colourful photographs that present three types of questions:

  1. Literal questions. Help students gather clues and information about the photograph. Responses to literal questions are found directly in the photo. These clues are pieces to the larger picture and can help when answering inferential and expansion questions. 
  2. Inferential questions. Combine the facts gathered from the photograph with what the students already know so they can make smart guesses.
  3. Expansion questions. Inspire discussion based on a deeper understanding of the picture and the students’ opinions.

This Super Fun Deck includes ten topic areas to help children practice thinking and reasoning in different contexts. These topic areas include: 

  1. Finding clues. Students will practice looking for clues in the setting/context to get information about the big picture. 
  2. Because... Students answer "why" questions based on the photo and what he/she already knows.
  3. What is it? Students look at parts of an item and make his/her best guess about what the item could be.
  4. Setting. Students use the clues in the picture to make a good guess about where the picture is taking place. 
  5. Perspective taking. Students look at facial expressions and body language to answer questions about what something is feeling. 
  6. What happened? Students examine the clues in the picture to guess what event happened in the past. 
  7. What will happen next? Students examine the clues in the picture to guess what will happen in the future.
  8. Lights, Camera, Caption! Students use the clues in the picture to guess what the characters are saying. 
  9. Title It! Students focus on "the big picture" to give an appropriate title to the card. 
  10. Advertising. Students use information in the advertisement to guess what is being sold and the intentions of the advertiser.

Several game ideas and prompts are also included to enrich students' inferencing learning experience and provide Speech-Language Pathologists with inspiration as to how to modify this versatile deck for different ages and functioning levels.

Who is this inferencing and critical thinking resource helpful for? 

This Super Fun Deck was created to target inferencing, social, and critical thinking skills in students in grades kindergarten and up and children ages 5 and up. 

Designed with Speech-Language Pathologists in mind, this fun deck includes 100 full-colour cards that spark conversation to help students consider social nuances and sharpen their thinking skills. This educational card deck is also a go-to resource for parents who want to support their child's critical thinking outside of the classroom. 

The Photo Undersanding Inferences and More! Super Fun Deck includes: 

  • 100 large full-colour photo cards (4"x6")
  • 10 topic areas
  • Game ideas
  • Sturdy storage box¬†

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