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Webber® Big Apraxia Carryover Worksheets

Webber® Big Apraxia Carryover Worksheets

Reproducible Homework Pages

By Sharon G Webber

Grades Pre-K & Up

Ages 3 & Up

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Extend speech practice outside the therapy setting with Webber BIG Apraxia Carryover Worksheets!

These homework pages include photos from the Webber BIG Apraxia and MINI Apraxia Photo Cards that your students are using in therapy. Students can use these reproducible worksheets at home to practice the techniques, sounds, and syllable structures they are working on during therapy sessions.

The 83 reproducible pages are organized by sound: P, B, M, W, F, V, voiced/voiceless TH, T, D, L, N, S, Z, SH, CH, J, Prevocalic R, Y, K, G, H, Short and Long A, Short and Long E, Short and Long I, Short and Long O, Short and Long U, and syllable shape (VC, CV, CVCV, CVC, CVCVC).

Consonant practice pages include:

  1. Photos and descriptions of visual tactile cues to help children say the sound
  2. Photos of 3 target words per page
  3. Activities for saying each target word:
  4. Repeat the word
  5. Finish the sentence
  6. Complete the rhyme
  7. Repeat the phrase/sentence
  8. Vowel practice pages include:
  9. Photos of 4 target words per page
  10. Activities for saying each target word:
  11. Repeat the word
  12. Finish the sentence
  13. Complete the rhyme
  14. Repeat the phrase/sentence
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