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Webber® BIG Verbs

Webber® BIG Verbs

Photo Cards

Grades Pre-K & Up

Ages 4 & Up

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A dynamic and educational resource designed to enhance critical thinking and grammar skills.

Developed with an emphasis on interactive learning, Webber® BIG Verbs photo cards are perfect for educators, parents, and language professionals seeking to inspire children's language development.

Webber® BIG Verbs feature an extensive collection of visually engaging cards that showcase vivid images and corresponding action words. Each card prompts children to think critically and identify the appropriate verb that matches the picture. This interactive process strengthens their understanding of verb usage and grammar concepts.

How do  Webber® BIG Verbs photo help improve grammar and critical thinking?

Webber® BIG Verbs cards provide a versatile tool for activities such as sorting, matching, and sentence construction, fostering critical thinking and deepening grammar comprehension. These giant photos present 120 verbs across various contexts and meanings in three-card sets (360 full-colour photos). The durable, laminated cards are ideal for improving identification, comprehension, and use of verbs and verb tenses.

Each set begins with a photo representing the most concrete definition of the verb and progresses to a more abstract definition, along with one or more synonyms of the verb in its context, and includes examples of figurative language pertaining to the verb.

The educational benefits of Webber® BIG Verbs extend beyond grammar proficiency. These cards also promote vocabulary expansion, language expression, and communication skills. As children engage with vivid images and descriptive verbs, they develop a richer understanding of language usage and improve their ability to express themselves effectively.

Webber® BIG Verbs includes:

  • 360 full-colour photo-verb cards (6"x 6")
  • Card front activities include sentence recall, sentence building, and answering WH questions
  • Instruction booklet with game ideas
  • Divider tabs
  • Sturdy box
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