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The Action Verb Game

By Ashley Drennan, Karla Duncan, and Thomas Webber

Grades Pre-K & Up

Ages 3 & Up

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WHOOSH!® your way to helping students perfect their language skills with this all-inclusive action verb game!

The WHOOSH!® Action Verb Game is the perfect tool for Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) looking for an easy-to-use, effective, and engaging tool to help students and children improve language development and vocabulary skills.

6 Verb Tenses

This educational verb game is designed to engage and educate, featuring a variety of action verbs depicted through colourful illustrations. WHOOSH!® includes 2,880 sentences that target singular and plural forms of 40 regular and 80 irregular verbs in six essential verb tenses:

  1. Present: Today, Lindsay dives into the swimming pool.
  2. Past: Yesterday, Lindsay dove into the swimming pool.
  3. Future: Tomorrow, Lindsay will dive into the swimming pool.
  4. Present Progressive: Now, Matt and Ben are drying the dishes.
  5. Past Progressive: Last night, Matt and Ben were drying the dishes.
  6. Past Perfect: Matt and Ben have dried the dishes.

Up to 6 Players

Students take turns reading the appropriate sentence and filling in the correct verb form. (Depending on the student's ability, the teacher or SLP may require the student to complete one, two, or more verb sentences per card.) After the student completes each activity, he/she spins the spinner and picks up the number of tokens shown. The player with the most tokens wins.

Who is this language learning game helpful for?

The WHOOSH!® Action Verb Game targets language development and grammar skills in students in grades prekindergarten and up and ages 4 and up. Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs), teachers, and parents can seamlessly incorporate this game into their sessions, creating a lively and effective learning environment. Great for small groups, WHOOSH!® disguises learning with play, helping young learners reinforce their understanding of verbs and interactively expand their vocabulary.

Why Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs), therapists, teachers, and parents love this product:

  • It allows students and children to work on their verbs in a fun and exciting way; they enjoy having to spell "WHOOSH".
  • The pictures are great and the game is easily adaptable to use with younger and older children.
  • The prompts that are included are helpful for students and the SLP, making this an out-of-the-box game with minimal prep.
  • It targets both very basic and higher-level verbs in one game.

The WHOOSH!® Action Verb Game includes:

  • A sturdy, colourful game board (16 1/2" x 16 1/2") with a spinner in the center
  • 240 verb cards (3 3/8" x 2 3/4") (80 regular verbs and 160 irregular verbs) divided into four subsections by colour:
    • (A) Regular verbs (dark blue) for present, past, and future tense verb sentences
    • (B) Regular verbs (light blue) for Present Progressive (is/are + verb-ing), Past Progressive (was/were + verb-ing), and Past Perfect (has/have + verb-ing) tense verb sentences
    • (A) Irregular verbs (dark purple) for present, past, and future tense verb sentences
    • (B) Irregular verbs (light purple) for Present Progressive (is/are + verb-ing), Past Progressive (was/were + verb-ing), and Past Perfect (has/have + verb-ing) tense verb sentences
  • 288 foam tokens (W, H, O, O, S, H)
  • Answer book
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