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Carry All Cart™

Carry All Cart™

Folding Crate with Lid

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The colourful Carry All Cart™ is the perfect rolling storage bin for Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) and therapists on the go!

This sturdy, wheeled crate with the handy pop-up handle holds a generous amount of materials with room for even more! Its secure lid protects all speech therapy resources and materials, keeping them safely inside. Best of all, the Carry All Cart™ folds up quickly and easily, taking up minimal storage space. 

Why Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) and other industry professionals love this cart:

  • Students love seeing what is brought to each session and often get distracted when they see materials in a bag, the cart allows the resources to stay out of sight, keeping distractions to a minimum
  • Its large capacity reduces trips and holds enough materials for several patients at a time
  • It makes keeping materials organized so much easier!
  • It lasts much longer than other carts of its kind
  • It is lightweight but sturdy and stable
  • The handles make the cart easy to pick up as well as pull

The Carry All Cart™ Features

  • Lightweight-metal pop-up handle
  • Durable plastic crate
  • Lid
  • Smooth-rolling rubber tires
  • 13½" x 15" x 13½" colorful crate
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