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Core Curriculum Articulation S, R, L Book

Core Curriculum Articulation S, R, L Book

Grades K - 5

Ages 4 - 11

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Teach essential core curriculum vocabulary and reinforce articulation skills at the same time! Core Curriculum Articulation is a reproducible book of word cards with grade-level core curriculum vocabulary words targeting S, R, and L phonemes in target positions!
This book contains 752 research-based, core curriculum vocabulary target words that include:
192 /L/ cards – 64 for each grade K–2
240 /R/ cards – 48 for each grade 1–5
320 /S/ cards – 64 for each grade 1–5
Each reproducible word card (2" x 3 ½") includes a:
Core curriculum vocabulary word for that grade
Definition of the word
Phrase using the target word
Sentence using the target word with one more occurrence of the target phoneme
Illustration to help the student learn and remember the vocabulary word
Core Curriculum Articulation: S, R, L
103 reproducible pages (8½ "x 11 ")
Suggested activities
Awards, Parent and Homework Helper letters
Reading list for Articulation
Reading list for grade levels to reinforce curriculum vocabulary
Vocabulary list including grade level

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