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Granny's Candies® Add-On Sets

Granny's Candies® Add-On Sets

Vocabulary and Figurative Language Cards and Activity Books

By Sarah Michaels

Grades 2 & Up

Ages 7 & Up

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Add-On Set
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Granny's candy jar just got sweeter with three add-on sets to the best-selling vocabulary board game: figurative language, verbs, and inferences!

Students already love Granny's Candies® Board Game, so indulge their sweet tooth again with these delectable add-ons.

3 Sets of Add-On Question Cards

Each additional set includes a minimum of 500 question cards (3"x1") that can be used the with original board game to continue expanding student's vocabulary skills and language development. 

  1. Figurative Language (Set 2): 672 cards total, 8 figurative language skill areas 
  2. Verbs (Set 3): 672 cards total, 12 verb skill areas
  3. Inferencing (Set 4): 500 cards total, 10 inferencing skill areas

Reproducible Activity Book

Each set also includes a reproducible activity book with lessons, activities, and games to sweeten students' learning! The activity book includes: 

  • A lesson page has a handy “check off” format, allowing teachers and SLPs to easily track student progress for each skill
  • A Combo Lesson/Assessment page to use as a quick, informal pretest or posttest to determine specific inference skill weaknesses and monitor progress and mastery of selected targets
  • How to play instructions 
  • Parent/helper letter
  • An answer key 
  • Awards
  • Card divider box

The cards and activity book focus on vocabulary in a fun and challenging way. Use the activities and games for school or at home for fun, extra practice, or carryover.

NOTE: The add-on sets not include a game board, candy tokens, or die. These can be purchased as part of the Granny's Candies® Board Game

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  • Granny's Candies® Add-On Set 2 Figurative Language

    Figurative Language (Set 2)

    Set 2 includes 84 semantic skills cards focusing on each of these figurative language areas (672 cards total):

    1. Synonyms
    2. Opposites
    3. Homonyms
    4. Homophones
    5. Heteronyms
    6. Idioms
    7. Similes
    8. Metaphors

    Your students are in for a yummy treat!

  • Granny's Candies® Add-On Set 3 Verbs

    Verbs (Set 3)

    Set 3 includes 56 question cards focusing on each of these verb skills areas (672 cards total):

    1. Regular Past Tense
    2. Irregular Past Tense
    3. Is-Are
    4. Was-Were
    5. Has-Have
    6. Do-Does
    7. Verb + ing
    8. Main Verbs and Helping Verbs
    9. Subject-Verb Agreement
    10. Active-Passive Voice
    11. Past, Present, and Future Tense
    12. Contractions

    What a sweet deal!

  • Granny's Candies® Add-On Set Inferencing

    Inferences (Set 4)

    Set 4 includes 50 question cards focusing on each of the following inferencing skill areas (500 cards total):

    1. Objects
    2. Actions
    3. Occupations
    4. Categories
    5. Locations
    6. Time
    7. Emotions
    8. Character Traits
    9. Cause and Effect
    10. Figurative Language

    Another delicious addition to the popular Granny's Candies game series!