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Kaufman (K-SLP) Workout Book (Third Edition)

Kaufman (K-SLP) Workout Book (Third Edition)

16 Speech Motor Workouts for CAS and Those Who Struggle to Speak

By Nancy Kaufman, MA, CCC-SLP

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Help kids with apraxia and speech sound issues quickly turn single words into functional phrases and sentences without overloading their motor skills!

Kaufman (K-SLP) Workout Book is a comprehensive tool that targets speech-motor coordination with 16 exercises designed to enhance the stability of consonant-vowel pronunciation. This book for apraxia serves as an effective means to quickly improve expressive language capabilities while addressing challenges related to speech-motor control.

This language workout book primarily reinforces the consonant-vowel combinations introduced in Kaufman Kit 1, including /b, d, h, m, n, p, t/. Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) love that they can download and reproduce the exercises, making it easy to implement consistent practice routines at home.

What makes the Kaufman (K-SLP) Workout Book so effective?

The Kaufman (K-SLP) Workout Book includes 16 reproducible speech-motor coordination workouts designed to help children formulate functional phrases and sentences. Each workout explains the targeted skill, how to perform the exercise, and specifies how to help the child develop that language skill.

Students love the story themes which feature the Mutt Family, a family of cartoon dog characters, that grab and hold attention, motivating students to engage with the lessons. The lessons in the Workout Book include scripting and visual and tactile hand cueing techniques. They also include target word retrieval and grammatical development.

The straightforward style of this book along with the downloadable workouts makes creating home programs easy, allowing parents/caregivers to reinforce therapy sessions at home.

Who is this book for language disorders helpful for?

The Kaufman (K-SLP) Workout Book is designed for Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) working with young children ages 2-10 with Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS) or speech sound disorders. The playful illustrations are ideal for this age group of students and also benefit parents who want to reinforce speech therapy at home. Students can complete one lesson in approximately 15 minutes.

Why Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) love this book for students with apraxia:

  • It includes lots of activities for each step a child might be at. The straightforward explanations make the activities easy to do at home as well. Kiddos like the characters in the book.
  • Students love the scenes with the Mutt family, they request certain scenes over and over again! The workbook is great language practice and wonderful for apraxia students.
  • The workbook is well organized for all consonant-vowel combinations ranging from words to sentences. The pages are perfect for sending homework home with students as well. The phrases and words from the workbook complement the games from the Kaufman cards and students love the pictures and the puppies!
  • It targets apraxia at all levels and language skills (grammar and sequencing). The list of CVC, VC, VC, etc. words is very helpful. Students love the pictures of the dogs! This has been very motivating for many clients.
  • It has good info on vowels, tactile cueing, and pivot phrases that help when the kids are past 2-syllable utterances

The Kaufman (K-SLP) Workout Book includes:

  • Hardcover, spiral-bound book (12.75" x 9.25") with 133 pages
  • 16 fun speech-motor coordination workouts
  • Reproducible workouts available via download!
  • Updated cueing techniques for specific sounds plus target word retrieval and grammatical development.
  • Colourful, engaging artwork featuring the Mutt Family characters.
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